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Hello and welcome
to the Pete Scrowther website, created on the occasion of the release of my album "The Heart of the Song".
On the 8th of May I had the pleasure of witnessing, and taking part in, the debut of a remarkable new band in the English folk scene. The wonderful Folk On The Pier festival in Cromer played host to the first appearance of TRADarrr. What started out as a project by PJ Wright and Mark Stevens to record British traditional songs in a rock setting,
as in the days of early Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, produced not only a stunning album, but an actual band to present the songs live.
I sang two songs on the album, and at the Cromer concert, and joined the band on stage again at the Cropredy Festival on the 13th of August.
I'm now retired, having moved to my idyllic new home in the beautiful Swiss city of Lucerne in 2013. I'll attempt to keep the website up-to-date in the future, and any new developments will be reported on. If anyone has any interesting musical suggestions, particularly anyone in the Lucerne area, please get in touch using the link at the bottom of the page. Likewise any old friends who might like to say hello.

The heart of the song

Pete Scrowther
vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola
PJ Wright
electric, acoustic and slide guitar
Felix Mueller
electric bass guitar, double bass
Beat Aschwanden
Elizabeth Schneeberger
Christian Roffler
Hammond B3 organ

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More music by Scrowther

The Heart of the Songs: The Songs

Rue D’Enfer
Devil woman lures hapless drone to eternal damnation in amusingly named Genevan street. An actual street! (Mark Twain also found it amusing)

The Heart of the Song (mp3, 64kb)
Abstract musings on the power of song. No drones involved.

Ancient history. The end of summer, the end of an affair.

The Way Things Ought to Be
We all know how things ought to be. We’ll get started on it tomorrow, in the meantime have another drink.

Sunk Without Trace
Ship of love goes to the bottom after collision with extended nautical metaphore.

Like the Moon at My Window (mp3, 64kb)
Hapless horticultural drone in pre-execution confession. Hanging as cure for insomnia.

Copper’s Son
Put-upon constabulary brat over-compensates with life of crime.

Long Black Liner (mp3, 64kb)
Quayside complaints in the Age Of Steam. She leaves him.

Take Me With You
More quayside complaints, this time in the Age Of Sail. He leaves her.

The Witherstone (mp3, 64kb)
Hapless serving drone meets undefined (but undoubtedly unpleasant) fate in earth (female) magic incident.