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Born and bred in County Durham, England, in 1949, Scrowther had his first taste of singing to an audience with a
schoolboy beat group in 1964.

He moved on the edges of the (Coventry) folk scene in the early seventies with a duo/trio, and even did the occasional finger-in-ear solo gig.

Resident near Zurich, Switzerland since 1978, he moved to Lucerne in 2013.

In the 80s and 90s he built up a reputation as an interpreter of other people's songs in a bewildering variety of styles, his work with Swiss country-rock institution Rusty Nugget and his two-person show "Fascinating Rhythm", based on the life and music of George Gershwin, being just two examples.

On the other hand, his own songs, showcased on 1989's "No Promises" and particularly on his critically-acclaimed 1995 solo album "Scrowther", have built up a following in the English folk scene.

These songs have been championed by people like PJ Wright of Little Johnny England and Sheffield singer/guitarist/playwright Norman West, and recorded by Little Johnny England (12songs on 4 albums!), Isambarde, 4Square and the mighty Fairport Convention.

The "Scrowther" album , apart from garnering praise from the Swiss press, was also singled out for a major, positive review by British monthly "Folk Roots", who also included the track "Maybe" on a free CD sampler. This was despite the album having no British distribution.

His second album, "The Heart of the Song" was released in 2003. Featuring the sublime guitar playing of PJ Wright, and ace Swiss rhythm-section Felix Müller and Beat Aschwanden, the album contained ten more sterling example of Scrowther’s song-writing talents.

In musical semi-retirement at present, he can be contacted at the email address below.

Scrowther has never played with anyone famous or been to America.

Contact: pete@scrowther.compete@scrowther.com