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The heart of the song - Pete Scrowther
(Narrenschiff 2003 )

Pete Scrowther -vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola
PJ Wright - electric, acoustic and slide guitar
Felix Mueller - electric bass guitar, double bass
Beat Aschwanden - drums
Elizabeth Schneeberger - violin
Christian Roffler - Hammond B3 organ

Produced by Pete Scrowther and Felix Müller

Track List:
Rue D’Enfer
The Heart of the Song
The Way Things Ought to Be
Sunk Without Trace
Like the Moon at My Window
Copper’s Son
Long Black Liner
Take Me With You
The Witherstone

Scrowther - Pete Scrowther
(Zytglogge Verlag 1995 - Deleted)

Pete Scrowther - voice, acoustic guitar, mandola, mandolin, tin whistle
Hank Shizzoe - electric and slide guitars
Christian Brantschen - Hammond organ, accordion
Andi Hug - drums, percussion
Jürg Schmidhauser - electric and accoustic bass

Dieter Burkhalter - synthesiser, harmonium, accordion
Elizabeth Schneeberger - violin
Helmut Schöni - pedal steel guitar
Gerry Murphy - Northumbrian pipes
Dide Marfurt - hurdy gurdy

Produced by Ron Kurz

Track List:
Steeltown Saturday Night
The Victim
Healing Shadows
The Blind Will Lead The BlindFolk
Waiting For The Lightning
Where The Blue Of The Night
The Whisper Of The Moon
The Starters Gun
Dance The Circle Round
Derwentwater's Farewell
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